Create a Button Link for Your Blog  


To provide an image link you will first have to create a button image.
Go to any of these sites and create a button image.

glassy buttons

Flash Buttons

Free Gif Button Generator

After creating the button upload it to a free host like or Googlepages and copy down the link to the image.

Paste it in a Notepad file for inserting it into the code as shown below.

To put the code in your sidebar login at and click on Layout link on Dashboard. Then click on Add Page Element link at top of sidebar. Choose the Html/Javascript option and paste the following code in the contents window and save :

To link to this blog, copy and paste the code below into your site.

Replace the CAPS with the relevant data for your blog.

Get Full Script HERE

I recommend that you use the link above - it's easier to understand :)

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